[RC5] off topic note

Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Sat Nov 22 06:39:28 EST 1997

This online article is so laughable, I had to share, and I knew that this
list has plenty of people who will notice one or two minor errors. The
article is about low-cost Alpha machines. I cut and paste; the typos belong
to Newsbytes.

>From http://www.nbnn.com/pubNews/97/103901.html

"Bausch also pointed out that the new Alpha-based systems are able to run
Linix, a flavor of Unix especially popular among Webmasters, along with
Windows NT and Digital Unix.

Linix creator Linus Tarvalds is "enamored of Alpha," and has ported Linix
to Alpha as a result, he noted."

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