[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Sat Nov 22 07:14:40 EST 1997


Seth Dillingham <seth at snet.net> wrote:

>I wonder if people realize that the time it takes to type out a
letter and 
>send it to this list, combined with the time spent by every one to 
>download and read the letter, all of which slows down the client 
>marginally, FAR FAR MORE than makes up for any speed increase that an

>incredibly old machine would provide to the effort.

Actually, you're wrong. That's what I thought at first, too. Then I
actually set up my dad's PowerBook 150 for RC5. I only leave it on
part of the day (because I don't want to risk LCD burn-in), and it
does between 1 and 2 blocks per day. In the last week it's done 7
blocks and some part of an eighth block.

Since I read my mail on a UMAX SuperMac that does 517KKeys/sec, a
ballpark calculation says I'll have to deprive the RC5 client on that
machine of a full hour of CPU time by reading and writing messages
about old computers in a one-week period to lose the advantage of the
PowerBook. I am *positive* that I haven't spent a full hour doing that
in the last week (never mind a full hour of CPU time deprived from the
RC5 client).

Thus, I *did* gain an advantage by setting up the PowerBook for the
effort. Yes, there's also time lost for setting up the RC5 boot
floppy, but I made up for that last week. As far as flushing blocks
goes - I just realized that I deprived my other computers of time when
I did that too frequently, so maybe I'll just wait until it has a few
hundred blocks done before I do it again.

So, old computers are not totally worthless! In fact, I've recruited
almost all of the machines I can without resorting to the 5KKey/sec
clunkers. Besides, reading these emails asking for clients for
obsolete computers is *fun*, and for me that makes up for the loss in
speed for the project.

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