[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Sat Nov 22 10:31:02 EST 1997

Barry Nathan (barryn at pobox.com), on 11/22/97 10:14 AM, wrote the 

>Since I read my mail on a UMAX SuperMac that does 517KKeys/sec, a
>ballpark calculation says I'll have to deprive the RC5 client on that
>machine of a full hour of CPU time by reading and writing messages
>about old computers in a one-week period to lose the advantage of the
>PowerBook. I am *positive* that I haven't spent a full hour doing that
>in the last week (never mind a full hour of CPU time deprived from the
>RC5 client).
>Thus, I *did* gain an advantage by setting up the PowerBook for the
>effort. Yes, there's also time lost for setting up the RC5 boot
>floppy, but I made up for that last week. As far as flushing blocks
>goes - I just realized that I deprived my other computers of time when
>I did that too frequently, so maybe I'll just wait until it has a few
>hundred blocks done before I do it again.

My point was that by requesting a client for an old machine that *DOESN'T 
HAVE A CLIENT YET* you are wasting processor cycles on thousands of 
machiens, as they download, store, open, scroll, and close your message. 
Youv'e got an old mac, and thankfully the mac client supports just about 
all of the mac processors, so you don't have to make the request.

I wasn't implying that you shouldn't set up the client on old machines... 
if there's already a client for it, go for it! I've got the client 
running, here at my home/office, on a Quadra 700 (20kkeys/sec), 7600/132 
(388 kkeys/sec) and a 9600/233 (687 kkeys/sec). I've got my slow machine! 
But sending out a request for a client that VERY few people will bother 
to install it on, and knowing full well that the client probably won't 
get written, DOES slow down thousands of machines, and adds nothing to 
the effort.

Heck, the days a coder would have to spend to write and test a client for 
a dinoputer would probably more than make up for whatever keys the beast 
will crunch.

I'm not making a big deal about this, just making an observation. The 
individual who sends the letter might see a positive result if the client 
is written, but the effort as a whole probably won't.

Of course, my own comments are slowing things down just as much as the 
pitiful cries for a client for a cell phone, or a digital timex watch, or 
a vcr. :)


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