[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

steve,,, vort at resnet124.unm.edu
Sat Nov 22 17:11:47 EST 1997

> My point was that by requesting a client for an old machine that *DOESN'T 
> HAVE A CLIENT YET* you are wasting processor cycles on thousands of 
> machiens, as they download, store, open, scroll, and close your message. 
> Youv'e got an old mac, and thankfully the mac client supports just about 
> all of the mac processors, so you don't have to make the request.

of course you're assuming that we all run the clients on machines that 
do the processing of mail... but for that matter, doing anything on
that machines slows down its key cracking ability, anyway i'm trying
not to make this sound like a flame, don't take it the wrong way, you're
correct about it slowing things down, let's say this messages caused every
machine to pause for 1 sec , that is, caused every machine cracking rc5
for bovine to stop and do nothing but pay attention to my message.  well
thats another 5492034kkeys we have to crack, it's also currently another
second at the present rate.  Assuming that figure doesn't start dropping
rapidly and only goes up, how much damage has this message really cost us?

> Heck, the days a coder would have to spend to write and test a client for 
> a dinoputer would probably more than make up for whatever keys the beast 
> will crunch.

this isn't about making the biggest fastest network of apple ]['s
ever assembled, or winning by utilizing the massive computing power
several thousand z80 based clients could provide ( hmmmm, those are
some ideas tho :) ), it's about hacking, and doing somehting purely
for the hack value of it, id surely pull out my old ][ , or my CP/M
machine, or hook up my clock radio if i could run clients on them :)

remember back in the late 80's early nineties, people were converting the
RISC based printers into their own personal RISC boxxes, not because it
was the best thing they could have done with their time, or because they
got paid to, but because it was a cool hack, nothing more...

now about a newton client...



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