[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Sat Nov 22 19:31:29 EST 1997

steve,,, (vort at resnet124.unm.edu), on 11/22/97 7:11 PM, wrote the 

>this isn't about making the biggest fastest network of apple ]['s
>ever assembled, or winning by utilizing the massive computing power
>several thousand z80 based clients could provide ( hmmmm, those are
>some ideas tho :) ), it's about hacking, and doing somehting purely
>for the hack value of it, id surely pull out my old ][ , or my CP/M
>machine, or hook up my clock radio if i could run clients on them :)
>remember back in the late 80's early nineties, people were converting the
>RISC based printers into their own personal RISC boxxes, not because it
>was the best thing they could have done with their time, or because they
>got paid to, but because it was a cool hack, nothing more...

I'm glad this didn't turn into an argument that I was trying to win! I 
can't win, when we have such disparate view points and opinions on the 

I'm not in this for the hack value. I appreciate it, but that's not why 
I'm here. I'm here because I like organizing information and people 
behind a cause/challenge... that's why you see distributed-mac.net in my 
.sig! I like teaching, so I try to put instructional postings on the site.

The truest definition of the reason for this effort MUST include the RC5 
challenge itself. This was started as a way to prove that stronger 
encryption is necessary. It's ballooned (only begun to, really) beyond 
that, of course, and will someday soon be more than we imagined.

It really does give me chills to think about the power that is available 
by USING the spare cycles of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands 
of spare computers. To my mind, it's like pondering space or infinity or 
God... it's overwhelming.

Ok, now that you're all gagging, I'll stop.



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