[RC5] Which one is the current client?

dan carter daniel.carter at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Sun Nov 23 17:34:54 EST 1997

I've heard reports that the 'new' OS/2 client is up to 10% faster.

Is the 'new' client on the download page the 2nd or 3rd v2.6401 client?
(and why the hell can't we use version numbers in such a way that they
can be used to distinguish versions?!)

The second v2.6401 client had  a slower K6 core than the orignal
2.6401. I'd like to try the new client if its the third one to see if
thats fixed. But as the version numbers dont indicate the version of
the client, i've got no idea which version im using and which version
is currently available for download.

Thanks in advance
 daniel carter 
 1 crown st, dunedin, new zealand ;-} 
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