[RC5] Win32: feature creep

Mishari Muqbil mishari at thepentagon.com
Sun Nov 23 11:51:12 EST 1997

David McNett wrote:

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> Tom Marshall was heard saying:
> >Word is platform-independent?  I don't think so!  We're not all
> running
> >M$ software.  M$ just released their *first attempt* at a Unix browser
> >and it only runs on one platform.  The one-and-only reason that they
> did
> >this was to (try to) counter Netscape's reign as the dominant
> >cross-platform browser.  "New! Office97 for Linux!  Only $499.99
> +S/H!"
> >Eeewww!  Gag me with a CD!
> Not to futher fan the flames, but...
> I'd gladly pay $500 for MSOffice for Linux.  The only reason I'm not
> running Linux as my desktop right now is that I need Office to do my
> job.
> -/\/

  499.99 nuggy. Not even 500! Actually, Try using Pico. kicks Word anytime

I'm trying desperately to install staroffice in my debian and failing.
Anyone interested in helping or has gotten it to work... PLEASE email ME
at mishari at thepentagon.com

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