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At 07:31 PM 11/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>It really does give me chills to think about the power that is 
>by USING the spare cycles of tens of thousands of hundreds of 
>of spare computers. To my mind, it's like pondering space or 
infinity or 
>God... it's overwhelming.

With cable modems and their 10Gbps entering the fray recently and the 
continuing advance of multiprocessing and parallel processing, the 
future of "buying time" on the world computer is getting closer.  

This is a concept spoken of much in a book called Permutation City.  
In the book, people basically log on to a network and pay for 
processing time based on the amount of time, priority, importance of 
the task, etc.  Large groups even outbid others for processing time 
on the net (weather forecasting is the big one in the book).  

These are very exciting times for distributed processing.  The 
groundwork is being laid now for many great things to come.  I think 
both seekers of hack value and those of speed can appreciate that.  
As one of each, I know I do :-)

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