[RC5] question from a non-programmer

tom allain maniac at stimuli.com
Sun Nov 23 03:43:36 EST 1997

>     Can either of these machines advertise itelf over AppleTalk to the
>     other?  Is there some fileserver somewhere that they can both connect
>     to?  If so, then put the RC5 directory where both of the machines can
>     see it and have them run it from the shared directory.  Configure the
>     one machine to run Offline and the other (with the modem) to run
>     Online.
>     The slower machine will dial up whenever the buff-in is exhausted or
>     the buff-out is "full".  The faster machine will just grab blocks out
>     of the buff-in and put the results in the buff-out, without trying to
>     connect to the proxy network...
>            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu
>     [... who did this during RC5-56, but doesn't have to anymore...]

you think i can use the same directory, with two copies of the app running?
or use separate folders with the secondary machine using aliases over the
network to the server's buff files?  the two won't conflict??

seems the way with least maintenance - i took the first suggestion of
moving the files around over the network - set the buffs to 400 each - but
this may get tiresome after several days..

along with a processor upgrade, my block output is now quadrupled..



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