[RC5] member listings don't show up in lynx

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Sun Nov 23 10:18:36 EST 1997

When I "click" on "Something May Happen" in lynx, I can see the
resulting page up to the word "Problems?", but nothing after that
is rendered.  With member-list-enabled teams, I don't see the members;
with member-list-disabled teams, I don't see the phrase "This team wants
to keep its member listing private."

Looking at the source, it appears that this may be caused by an invalid
HTML comment:

        <TD><HR><FONT FACE="Arial,Helvetica" SIZE=2>
            &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="mailto:nugget at distributed.net">Problems?</A><BR>

       <!-- NOTE TO SCRIPTERS:  A much more easily parsed version of this page
              may be found at either tm_members_raw.idc or tm_mempass_raw.idc
              Questions/Requests to nugget at slacker.com >

</TR></TABLE></TD></TR></TABLE></TD><TD WIDTH=5>&nbsp;</TD>
This team wants to keep its member listing private.

I'm *definitely* not an HTML guru, and I can't verify the table stuff,
so perhaps the comment isn't the (only) problem....

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