[RC5] member listings don't show up in lynx

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Sun Nov 23 12:31:59 EST 1997

On 23 Nov 1997, Robert Au wrote:

> Well, that's part of the problem.
> >        <!-- NOTE TO SCRIPTERS:  A much more easily parsed version of
> >               this page 
> >               may be found at either tm_members_raw.idc or tm_mempass_raw.idc
> >               Questions/Requests to nugget at slacker.com >
>                                                          ^
> Should be "-->".
> > </TR></TABLE></TD></TR></TABLE></TD><TD WIDTH=5>&nbsp;</TD>
> Too many closings. :) This line should be
>   </TR></TABLE></TD><TD WIDTH=5>&nbsp;</TD>

Not necessarily; there may be another table beginning higher up that we
didn't get to see.  (Of course, I'm too lazy to go and /look/ to see if
that was the case. :)  Either way, Lynx handles all table formatting by
parsing it into oblivion, so it appears to be the errant comment that's
causing the problem.

                              -Steve Langasek

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