[RC5] Win32: feature creep

Steve Carr SteveCarr at ibm.net
Mon Nov 24 08:09:52 EST 1997

Joe Zbiciak wrote:
> Of course, no one here so far has mentioned TECO... :-) If ever you
> thought vi's regexp's were cryptic (eg. the following gibberish is a
> valid command in vi, and anyone who can tell me what it does wins an
> MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE:  ':/\/bin\/false/s/^\([^:]*\):\([^:]*\)/\2:\1/g'),
> you should see TECO commands.  I've never used TECO, but I've seen some
> TECO command sequences...

<sigh>  I was just about to post a message re TECO and ya beat me to the
punch!  I first used TECO 20 years ago on a DECSystem-10, and last used
it 12 years ago, on the same DECSystem-10 setup, just prior to it being
replaced by an IBM mainframe.  Don't ask me what that gibberish above
does though - it's been too many years and too many editors since I last
knew what that stuff all meant!

Steve Carr, Christchurch, New Zealand - "The City That Shines!"

"The anarchist is the person who sees what they see
 and not what it is customary to see" - Paul Valery
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