[RC5] A few questions ...

GMH13 at aol.com GMH13 at aol.com
Sun Nov 23 18:19:16 EST 1997

I have a few questions.

First, can I change my .ini file to buffer any number of blocks?  I 
was able to get over two hundred by doing this.

Second, is Bovine going to approach a big company and see if they'll 
join the project or are we waiting until we're actually doing 
something (hopefully v3)?

Third, how are the stats going to do when v3 comes out and we start 
having multiple projects at the same time?

Fourth, am I still cruching keys while my computer is trying to 
connect to the internet (I still have blocks in buff-in.rc5)?

And my big question:

After reading some posts about how much your system administrator 
could help the effort, I've decided to ask "computer guy" at my 
school.  It's only a high school, and we're a little slow at getting 
technology, but this would seem to be a good source of power (more 
than my home computer).

There are, however, some things I need help with before I talk with 
"computer guy".  We have several win95tels connected to the school 
network, but I'm not sure if the server is connected to the internet.

What should I do if the server is connected to the internet constantly, 
only sporatically, or is never connected?  Should I set up a personnal 

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