[RC5] Win32: feature creep

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Sun Nov 23 19:10:43 EST 1997

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, David McNett wrote:

> Matthew L Bennett was heard saying:
> >> I'd gladly pay $500 for MSOffice for Linux.
> >> running Linux as my desktop right now is that I need Office to do my
> >> job.
> >
> >Why not just use free software (No, not pirated word, just the free
> Linux
> >stuff)?
> Because then I've effectively sealed myself into a closed room with no
> doors and no windows (and no pun intended).  Call it "man in the iron
> mask
> syndrome".  Sure, I could drop windows, convert to linux, and run 
> Applixware or staroffice or a similar package.  But I couldn't work
> with anyone else in my office.
> -/\/

	Applixware will import and export to word and msoffice files, as
well as Excel. What's so worng with that? You can read in his Office
files, and send yours out in Office formats. That scenario you described
doesn't happen in my office, and I use it.

Sean McPherson
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