[RC5] Which one is the current client?

Alan J. Bremner ajbremner at saqnet.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 01:26:38 EST 1997

On Sun Nov 23 17:34:00 1997 in
<199711230432.RAA22188 at bofh.ihug.co.nz>, "dan carter"
<daniel.carter at stonebow.otago.ac.nz> said:

> I've heard reports that the 'new' OS/2 client is up to 10% faster.

Only 1.7% faster on my P133 but I believe Pentiums show the least

> Is the 'new' client on the download page the 2nd or 3rd v2.6401
> client? (and why the hell can't we use version numbers in such a way
> that they can be used to distinguish versions?!)

This is merely a tightening-up of the code, not a new version. The
safest way to distinguish is to check the 'Updated on' date shown
against the client.

> i've got no idea which version im using and which
> version is currently available for download.

The latest version's .exe size is 158227 bytes, dated 17/11/97.

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