[RC5] rc5nicer

steve,,, vort at resnet124.unm.edu
Sun Nov 23 22:59:12 EST 1997

hey folks, for those interested in running on multiuser systems i've
refined my script a bit, it will send SIGSTOP to an rc5 client when 
someone other than you logs in, and a SIGCONT once they log out, it
will also set up a local directory to run rc5 out of if one doesn't 
already exist , and start up a client if one has been killed outright.

so if joeuser has a homedir of /home/joeuser , and rc5nicer exists there, 
all he'd have to do is add a cron entry of :

* * * * * /home/joeuser/rc5nicer

it would run once a minute  pretty much forever , I dont notice it when
running on a sparc IPX, i.e. VERY low cpu usage, and the only thing you'll
need to do at this point is make sure everytime a new machine comes online
is to add the cron entry on that machine, the script should take care of 
the rest.


again, you can get it at ftp://flux.unm.edu/pub/rc5nicer

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