[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Brian Wilson wilsonb at mindspring.net
Mon Nov 24 10:47:35 EST 1997

At 03:36 PM 11/24/97 GMT, you wrote:
>>I am still waiting for a client for Saturns and Ford Tauruses.  They
>>both have PowerPC chips in them.  
>Oh, those are already out.  Unfortunatly, if the Saturn or Taurus
>client finds the correct key, the airbag goes off.  
>(Which is why distrubuted computing should always take a back seat!)

No, remember the client doesn't know that you've found the correct
key.  You have to learn that the next time you go to a gas 
station and fetch/flush free with an 8-gallon fillup.


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