[RC5] "My car can go from 0 to a billion in 10 seconds"

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Mon Nov 24 10:40:08 EST 1997

>>You do more good to the project by NOT asking for clients for electric
typewriters and TI calculators and TRS-80's with 300 baud modems and
digital thermometers, Nintendos and Gameboys and WHATEVER.

No client for my TRS-80 with the 300 baud modem?  Even if I flip the
modem's "answer/originate" switch manually? ;)

>I am still waiting for a client for Saturns and Ford Tauruses.  They
>both have PowerPC chips in them.  

This may be a possibility... the Saturn's diagnostic connector (located on
the driver's side to the left of the steering wheel below the dashboard
trim) includes a serial port of sorts.  I'm sure that this data line works
for output; you can short together two of the connectors with a key from
Auto Zone and make the computer spit out a diagnostic code.

It may even be bidirectional; the dealer wants to charge me $35 to hook it
up to his TRS-80 :) and tell me what's wrong, even though I told him that
it already told me it was an EGR problem according to the diagnostic
connector (and the synchronized Check Engine light).  So if the big red
machine in the garage can tell my Saturn to do a better test, maybe we can
get it to do some RC5-64 testing?  At the worst, though, someone can just
burn-in a new PROM for the module.

Unfortunately, the data rate appears to be approximately 2.5 to 3 baud (for
the fast blinks).

Sorry if this thread was beat into the ground during the 56-bit search!

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