Pirating (Useless. Was: [RC5] Win32: feature creep

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Mon Nov 24 11:42:29 EST 1997

>>Wonder why people pirate?  Really, $500 bucks for something 
>people could
>>get from a neighbor for free?
>Why did I pay $1000 for my car when I could have lifted one 
>from the neighbors for free?

Bad examples, actually.  If I install a copy of my neighbor's M$-Offishes
on my hard drive, he will still have the full functionality of the product.
 However, if I attempt to install a copy of his automobile in my driveway,
his driveway will no longer retain its original functionality.

So when people ask, I'll call my auto alarm an "automotive copy prevention
scheme." ;)

** '90 Hyundai Excel GL **
* starter broke (push start every morning, noon and night)
* AM radio only (FM broke, tape-eating "feature" on cassette)
* cracked windshield (backyard mechanic dropped something heavy and greasy
on it)
* defective headlight switch (held together with daughter's ponytail holders)
* second engine (first one went 123K, though)
* special "blue smoke" feature (add oil every 5th fillup)
* removable prop rod for hood (if you don't remove it it falls into the
* Just turned over 177,777.7 miles last week (what a cool car!)
(for sale, if you're interested)
(also own '95 Saturn SW1 that we hate, email for details)

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