[RC5] A few questions ...

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Mon Nov 24 22:51:35 EST 1997

> >First, can I change my .ini file to buffer any number of blocks?  I
> >was able to get over two hundred by doing this.
> 200 seems to be the maximum for the buffer.  It should be enough to keep a
> computer running the rc5 client for days, even if the computer does nothing
> else other than the client.  (Unless you're using a *very* powerful
> computer.. ;)

Newer clients have a 1000 block limit.

> >Fourth, am I still cruching keys while my computer is trying to
> >connect to the internet (I still have blocks in buff-in.rc5)?

Yes.  Most OSes have 'multi-threaded' clients.  While one thread is 
talking to the keyserver (or waiting to do so), other threads are 
cracking.  If the key 'pool' should dry up, a random block will be 

-- Tim
Tim Charron
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