[RC5] Idea

Oliver von Bueren ovb at ovb.ch
Tue Nov 25 16:36:34 EST 1997

On Mon, 24 Nov 97 09:23:21 -0600, you wrote:

>     Hmmm...  This makes me wonder about dedicated clients -- machines with 
>     bits and pieces borrowed from a legitimate OS on the machine, but 
>     booted to run the Bovine client exclusively.  I imagein something like 
>     the DOS client, boot (to Protected Mode) code, TCPIP stack from 
>     whatever the machine would normally use...  Surely this could all fit 
>     on a boot floppy...

What about the drivers from "The Crynwr packet driver collection". The
times I used more dos machines, I installed these drivers for quite a
few different ethernet adapters and run all kind of software and
managed it to run win3.1x with all kind of windows networking sw over
that interface.

A dos client with some network support would be greate, I've quite
some dos pc's standing around that could do some work.


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