[RC5] A few questions ...

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Mon Nov 24 16:34:30 EST 1997


sundae <sundae at technologist.com> wrote:

>>First, can I change my .ini file to buffer any number of blocks?  I
>>was able to get over two hundred by doing this.
>200 seems to be the maximum for the buffer.  It should be enough to
keep a
>computer running the rc5 client for days, even if the computer does
>else other than the client.  (Unless you're using a *very* powerful
>computer.. ;)

Actually, the Mac client has had the ability to buffer 500 blocks for
a while (enough to keep a current low-end Mac going for 2-3 days), and
the newer clients that have come out for various platforms (the BeOS
client being the only one of these that I've seen) have the ability to
buffer 1000 blocks.

>If connecting to the net every few days is still a problem, then
running the
>personal proxy should be more feasible.  It is actually suggested on
>proxy download page I believe.

This isn't possible on a Mac (because there's no personal proxy for it
yet), but luckily there are other solutions for Macs (for example, you
can use a Mac program called RC5 Feeder to run a client off multiple
buff-in files).

>>Second, is Bovine going to approach a big company and see if they'll
>>join the project or are we waiting until we're actually doing
>>something (hopefully v3)?
>This is where I'm confused.  What has the RC5 project to do with a
>company?  We already have big enough a company of computers
sacrificing (or,
>utilizing if you like) the spare CPU cycles. =)  Also, we *are*
>doing something (namely, cracking).  And we will continue to do that
even if
>the v3 clients will never be released.

Well, we still need a *lot* more CPU cycles to get this thing cracked
in a reasonable amount of time. Assuming a constant 10,000Mkeys/sec
for the rest of the project (we hit a peak of 9999.12Mkeys/sec or
something similar sometime during the weekend, according to the proxy
server stats), we'll still need almost 60 years to scan all of the
remaining keyspace.

Big companies have lots of computers that are often idle for much of
the day. While Bovine is gaining in speed by itself, we'll get an even
bigger gain in speed if we can get thousands of idle business
computers going...

>>Third, how are the stats going to do when v3 comes out and we start
>>having multiple projects at the same time?
>It's the same project.  Just different versions of clients.  And I
>sooner or later, the old v2 clients will be obsolete when the v3 are
>released and majority of people are alreadying running them.  (Just
think of
>that as different versions of M$ Word..)

Actually, v3 will also let you do different projects (such as Mersenne

There are two ways of interpreting the original poster's question:
(a) How is the stats system going to work?
(b) How will the RC5-64 stats be affected (for example, will it slow
down a lot because lots of people will switch to Mersenne Primes or

I don't know the answer to either question, though.

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