[RC5] A few questions ...

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Nov 25 12:40:44 EST 1997

Barry Nathan (barryn at pobox.com), on 11/24/97 7:34 PM, wrote the following:

>Actually, the Mac client has had the ability to buffer 500 blocks for
>a while (enough to keep a current low-end Mac going for 2-3 days), and
>the newer clients that have come out for various platforms (the BeOS
>client being the only one of these that I've seen) have the ability to
>buffer 1000 blocks.

What do you consider a 'current low end mac'? My 9600/233, which does 687 
kkeys/sec, takes two or three days to complete a block of 500... if 
that's low end, then my 'dinosaur' 7600/132 doesn't even make the charts! 

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