[RC5]: Stats disreceptancy?

Jonathan Lemon jlemon at americantv.com
Tue Nov 25 13:55:43 EST 1997

On Nov 11, 1997 at 01:15:19PM -0600, Daniel Baker wrote:
> Was it just one day that 600 blocks dissapeared, or has it been growing
> slowly over time?

It's been growing slowly.  At one time, it was holding at about 250 blocks
behind, but it started increasing again.  Yesterday, I was about 400 blocks
behind, today, about 600.  For example, my stats page says:

    Last update:      11/25 18:59 GMT
    Total blocks:     4354
    Blocks yesterday: 615       <====


    > wc -l keyprox*
     119 keyproxy.log1117.log
     133 keyproxy.log1118.log
     277 keyproxy.log1119.log
     419 keyproxy.log1120.log
     807 keyproxy.log1121.log
     810 keyproxy.log1122.log
     825 keyproxy.log1123.log
     835 keyproxy.log1124.log   <====
     675 keyproxy.log1125.log
    4900 total

Either I'm misinterpreting what "completed yesterday" means on the stats
page, or something else is going on.
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