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John Ragland tachyon at icom.net
Fri Nov 28 00:26:14 EST 1997

On Mon, 24 Nov 97 12:31:01 -0600, gindrup at okway.okstate.edu wrote:

>     Some person stated that a software company only loses income from 
>     pirating if the pirate would have bought the software.  It is evident 
>     that a person is willing to take the means of least cost to acquire 
>     something tht they want, especially if they are pirating.  The fact 
>     that they are willfully violating social contract indicates that they 
>     want the software.

I said it. I am not responsible for every two bit "social contract"
that someone proposes. If this were a contract, what do I get in
return for my enforcement of it? The software industry lies about its
loses, why should I care about the software as a whole?

I support honest software writers who sell their software at a
reasonable price, for example Forté, which writes Agent. They also
write a free program that shows quite well what Agent is like. Both
are good programs and I have paid for my copy of Agent.

By your reasoning, I have cost every software writer millions of
dollars because I have not paid for it.

  The fact that they are willing to risk prosecution 
>     and imprisonment indicates that they want the software rather badly.

Sue me.

>     Thus, the claim that the software company loses no income is based on 
>     the fallacious argument that the perceived cost of piracy is the same 
>     as the perceived cost of purchase.

I have not paid for Word for Windows, sue me. Oh, by the way, did I
mention I neither have it nor use it?
>     Thus, these persons are causing the following costs:
>     All other persons who purchase the software legitimately must pay more 
>     for software because the unit income of software is reduced by piracy. 

I am diving up the price of software because I have not paid for Word?
Sue me.

>     Similarly, good shareware or free software is killed by the difficulty 
>     of overcoming this income depletor.

I have not paid for Word, therefore I have depleted Word of income.

  The society at large must waste 
>     "anxiety" over these miscreants and violators of law.  And finally, 
>     the taxpayes have to give more to the government to seek out and 
>     prosecute these offenders.  Since these crimes are so information 
>     oriented, the cost of prosecution and investigation is very high.

Sue me.

>     Thanks.  I *wanted* higher taxes.  And to think, pirates cause all 
>     this wasted utility because of the claim that it is more efficient to 
>     pirate than to purchase.

It is your fault that I hit myself in the head with a 2 x 4 and get

>     Thanks.  I really appreciate all you've done to decrease the quality 
>     of my life.  Perhaps while you're at it, you could steal my car and 
>     kill my family.  I was kind of used to having quality implementations 
>     of them.

If I agree to your request that makes a contract and you are legally
required to obey it.
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