[RC5] Win32 GUI Client Firewall Issues?

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Tue Nov 25 21:32:06 EST 1997

Kenneth Pronovici (pronovic at jadetech.com) wrote:

> I can send telnet, ftp and http requests directly from my
> PC, and as far as I am aware, I do not need to do any 
> authentication to get out of the firewall.  I do not use an 
> http proxy from within Netscape or IE.

OK, that's good; but since you *are* behind a firewall, it's possible
that you can't communicate directly on port 2064.

If you were on Linux I'd recommend that you try typing
"telnet rc5proxy.distributed.net 2064" and see what happens.  But I've
seen Windows 95's excuse for a telnet client, so I won't recommend doing
that in your case unless you know how to get around its lameness.

You might try using one of the "tunneling" methods in the network
communications menu.  Try the "I can communicate freely on telnet ports"
option and see whether that works.  (I've never tried that one myself,
but I've had to use the HTTP proxy a few times.  Since you may not have
an HTTP proxy, and aren't running Unix which would allow you to run
your own HTTP proxy, I don't know whether you will be able to try the
"I have a local HTTP proxy..." option.)

> Fetch:
> 	Mode 1: Network::Open Error 1 - sleeping for 3 seconds
> 	Mode 2: Network::Error Bad Data 2
> 	Mode 3: Network::Error Read failed3/0

An open request to the Bovine client coders: please tell us what these
numbers mean.  It would be best if the client produced friendly error
messages (even "timed out" or "connection refused" would be better).
Failing that, it would be nice to have a little reference guide on the
RC5 pages which explained in simple terms what each of the possible
error lines really means.

Personally, I don't recall seeing the "Bad Data" message before, so I
can't shed any light on this. :-(

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