[RC5] Stats anomally

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Tue Nov 25 21:22:55 EST 1997

Igor Bilyi (igor at monetplus.cz) wrote:

> >In the OS listing (http://rc5stats.distributed.net/oslist.html) there is no
> >win16/win3.x platform listed, yet i've cracked a few blocks on that platform.
> and what about DOS?
> If host os attached to buff-out.rc5 during sending or it implemented in
> protocol,  the stats in oslist.html is not true, because personal proxy is
> Windows/Linux/BSD only

The CPU/OS which counts for the purposes of the stats is the CPU/OS of
the machine which *reports* the block, not the machine which *checked*[1]
the block.

Thus, the DOS client (which has no networking support and thus cannot
submit blocks) will never have any blocks show up in the stats under
its own OS name, regardless of how many blocks are actually checked by
DOS machines.

Personally, I was quite surprised to learn this.  You'd think that with
116 extra bytes of overhead per block (they're 124 bytes long, but the
starting key can be expressed in at most 8 bytes, less if you lop off
the trailing zeroes) -- with that much overhead, you'd think that the
CPU/OS of the computer was stored in the block and sent to the keyserver
at check-in time.

I've been told that the personal proxies don't count for this purpose;
that is, if I understood correctly, a block which is reported *by*
machine A *through* personal proxy B is counted as having come from
machine A.  I can't verify this.

So anyway, for all you platform advocates out there, it seems the thing
to do is to have a machine running your Favorite Platform(TM) report
the blocks which all your other machines crack. :-)

[1] Or "first started checking" or "completed checking", in case you,
like me, have had a situation in which one computer finished up another
completely different type of computer's blocks....

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