[RC5] Stats

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 25 23:43:40 EST 1997

Ted Rathkopf wrote:
> barosb1 at lasalle.edu said:
> >       How about putting a graph that shows how many keys were checked on
> > each day, all the way back to the, lets say, 30 day ago or something.
> > It  would show progress and overall involvement increase/decrease in
> > project.
> http://home.pacbell.net/cwax/rc5-64.html
 Thanks for the plug.. 

These plots are supported by distributed.net and a version of them may
show up in the stats site.

also of interest may be http://home.pacbell.net/cwax/rate5664.gif 
which combines the data from rc5-56 and rc5-64

and a sample of what might become part of the stats page


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