[RC5] Win32 GUI Client Firewall Issues?

Peter Hugosson-Miller pehu at im.se
Wed Nov 26 09:14:50 EST 1997

Kenneth Pronovici wrote:

> I'm running the RC5 client at home on a four-machine Linux
> network with a dial-up connection to the 'net and masquerading.
> I've had no problems there, so I decided to start a client at
> work on my Win95 machine.

At last! a Win95 machine put to good use!

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> I can send telnet, ftp and http requests directly from my
> PC, and as far as I am aware, I do not need to do any
> authentication to get out of the firewall.  I do not use an
> http proxy from within Netscape or IE.

Same for me. I spent the whole of RC5_56 trying to get mine to work, but
without success :-(

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> Can anyone make a suggestion as to what I have misconfigured?

No, but I know a way you can use your Win 95 machine to help the Bovine

At home: before you go to work.
1) Stop the client (ouch!), and wait for it to shut down (this makes sure the
files are in order).
2) Fetch enough blocks to keep your work machine happy for a day.
3) Put the files buff-in.rc5, buff-out.rc5, rc5_64.log on a floppy, or mail
them to yourself at work.

At work: before you start working.
4) Put the above files in your rc5 directory and run the client offline.

At work: after you finish working.
5) Stop the client (ouch agan!) and wait for it to shut down.
6) Put the aforementioned files back on a floppy, and mail them to yourself at

At home: before you start your client
7) Put the files back in your rc5 directory.
8) Flush the completed blocks to the server.
9) Start the client.

This works for me. At home I run OS/2 Warp, and at work, Windoze NT. The files
appear to be compatible so far. I can think of only three disadvantages:

1) The blocks will be reported by the "wrong" client. More stats for your
Linux, though!
2) Your home machine(s) can't be running while you're at work. Of course, you
   stop the home client,
   rename your home files,
   do a fetch,
   mail the files to work,
   rename again and start the home client
   ...go to work...
   bring them home,
   stop home client,
   rename your home files,
   flush your work files,
   rename again and restart the client
... it all depends on how keen you are. Should be a snip for a Linux hacker to
write a suitable script.
3) I don't know what happens if you should against all odds find the right key
whilst at work and off-line. Thoughts anyone?

> Thanks,

You're welcome! Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller

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