[RC5] Email = cycles (was re: Theme Cow...)

Kwoody kwoody at citytel.net
Wed Nov 26 00:17:09 EST 1997

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Robert Brooks wrote:

> But look at it this way.  I am using very few computer cycles as I type
> this message.  If I weren't typing this message, I'd be compiling
> something, and that would be using up all my PC's cycles.  Then you get the
> message, and read it.  Again, you are reading my message instead of
> compiling (or rasterizing or printing or uploading or otherwise working).
> The time you spend reading my message results in idle cycles that in turn
> feed the Bovine that's grazing on your system.

Yes true enough. I am acutally snagging a file via ftp on vtty1, bovine on 
another vtty, and reading/writing messages on this vtty. I do have X up 
in the background as I was using netscrape a few minutes ago. bogs down 
the key cracking abit avg is about 63500 keys/sec with th esystem loaded 
down some its down to about 60000. This is on a FreeBSD 486dx2.

> (Now, try explaining *that* to your sysadmin!  or your boss...)

I'm at home so no sysadmin or boss to explain too! :)))
Though if a client ever gets released for AIX, the sysadmin for the ISP I 
use will probably agree to having the client run there.

He agreed to the Solnet client a long while back and I ran it for about a 
month with no probs at all.

> Of course, dissenting viewpoints will be gracefully accepted... as long as
> you're running the client while you type your dissent...

No dissenting, but I am running the client as I type this!

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