[RC5] Time to completion

Christiaan cstoudt at earthlink.net
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has anyone done a check to see how long it will take with the newer computers out there. what will the keyrate be on a 300 mhz, 500 mhz or the 1000 mhz that intel says we will have by the year 2000?


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Cedric Tefft wrote:
> If I've done my math correctly it looks like at the current rate of 9000
> MKeys/sec it will take over 64 years to exhaust the keyspace.  In order
> to complete the task within one year we would need to increase our rate
> to almost 595,000 MKeys/sec (i.e. 64 times our current rate).  Even a
> 3-year completion target would require an average rate of 195,000
> MKeys/sec.  Does it seem likely that we will be able to increase our
> current rate by such large factors?
> BTW, feel free to check my math.  I've been known to misplace a decimal
> point on occasion.

thats about right , but a week ago it was over 100 years to completion.

rc5-64 is 256 times as large as rc5-56 was, so 65 years is already a big

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