[RC5] Fwd: MIT Cryptographic Effort

Greg Hewgill gregh at lightspeed.net
Wed Nov 26 07:41:00 EST 1997

From: Nate Begeman:
>Yeah, as for Java, I'll stick to my PPC specific client, but what's
>interesting is it's about 6 times faster than the Bovine Java client was on
>macs. hmm.  Was there any PC specific code in the Bovine Java that would
>favor Pentiums so much over other platforms?

Just for the record, Bovine does not have a Java client as far as I know. A
couple of weeks ago I put together a sample RC5 cracker in Java, but I'm not
with Bovine.

If you're referring to the RC5 cracker that I put together (see
http://www.hewgill.com/rc5), then there is certainly no Pentium specific code
in there (it's 100% pure Java, source is available for the curious). I
recently made some mods that make it crunch keys much faster depending on your
VM (reports range from 8% to 800% improvement).

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