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Wed Nov 26 16:54:24 EST 1997

However, Ohio University is suing Ohio State University because OSU has
"OHIO" on their cheerleaders' uniforms and OU claims to have trademarked

(If there's a big difference between copyright and trademark, I'm sorry, but
trademarking a state's name just seems a little stupid)

> This is sad to say, but it's probably true.  The only saving grace is that
> can't trademark an animal...yet.
> I'm sure Gateway will be the first who try to copyright the cow.
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> maverick wrote:
>> If anyone can think of any other CEO-type folks who might
>> be interested, let >me know.
>> Gateway2000?
>> If they don't decide that using a cow as our emblem is a 
>> trademark infringement of their cows  ;)
>> Remember TuCows?!!! >>

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