[RC5] DOS/Mac buffer file compatibility

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Wed Nov 26 19:54:48 EST 1997


We've got a utility at distributed-mac for converting buffer files 
between platforms (it also repairs some damaged buffer files). Try it 
out... we haven't had any complaints about it so far, though there are 
only about 60 people using it.


Hope this does what you were looking for!

Seth Dillingham

Eric Folley (efolley at ziplink.net), on 11/26/97 7:38 PM, wrote the 

>At home, I have a Mac with dialup internet access, and a Pentium that for
>hardware reasons (no modem!), does not have internet access.
>Tonight I just started the Pentium working with the DOS client, with a
>buff-in.rc5 file I pulled down from my PC at the office.
>While I can use my office machine to upload the blocks processed by my
>at-home PC, it might be more convenient to use my at-home mac to upload old
>blocks and retrieve new ones.
>So, two questions: 1) do the DOS and Mac clients use the same file format,
>i.e. can a file pulled off one machine be used by the other?
>2) Since the Mac files do not have a .suffix, do files have to be renamed
>when being passed from one machine to another?
>Sorry if this has been asked before, yada yada yada.

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