[RC5] AIX client?

Kwoody kwoody at citytel.net
Wed Nov 26 16:42:36 EST 1997

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Phil Gregory wrote:

> Does anyone know if there's an AIX RS6000 client in the works? 
> I'd like to convince my sysadmin to join, but the only AIX client
> there is is for the PowerPC.

The ISP that I use is running an AIX box on an rs6000 (not sure 
completely) but it is running 3.2 of AIX and I grabbed the client today 
and ran the -test option and it passed all 32 tests. Then ran both 
benchmarks and got around 118kkeys/sec.

I just emailed the sysadmin fellow and laid the RC5 thing out to him to see 
if I can run the client on this box. All it does is serve up a few web 
pages. Nothing to strenuous.

Hope so.
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