[RC5]: Stats disreceptancy?

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 26 18:21:04 EST 1997

David Kelly wrote:
> > I was just comparing the # of blocks that the stats page says I completed
> > to the # of blocks in my keyproxy logs.  There is a difference of about
> > 600 blocks.  Is it normal for the stats to lag this far behind, or do some
> > of my blocks `not count'?
> >
> > All the keyservers that I've sent blocks to have checked in, so I thought
> > that there should only be a few outstanding blocks, not ~600.
> Same thing is happening to me the past couple of days. I've been
> submitting over 400 blocks per day but only 84 are showing right now,
> and less were shown yesterday.
> Looks like its time to go thru my logs and tally my total keys.

if you think you are missing blocks , get in touch with nugget
( nugget at slacker.com) and he will probably want to see a copy of a log
that shows more blocks that the stats system recorded.

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