[RC5] Many Things

James Burns jfburns at CC.OWU.EDU
Wed Nov 26 18:36:05 EST 1997

Hello RC5 people,
     I've come out of the lurking shadows with some questions and 
observations. I decided to check out the MIT RC5 java page to scoff at 
it, considering the numbers people were reporting on the list. However 
using a PPC 603 100Mhz with the Netscape 4.04 VM I got number of over 
1200 kkps. This is strange considering the Bovine client at max get 280 
kkps. If someone can explain this I would be greatful.
     Also I was wondering why when the MacOS client starts up on my 
Powerbook 520 (040 @ 33Mhz) I get keyrates of 40-50 kps during the 
"testing" part of the startup, but then get about 20 kps in actual use.
     Furthermore, someone before mentioned talking to companies about the 
project, and someone replied that "what did this project have to do with 
companies." However, I would like to point out that it would be very 
beneficial to us if it did have something to do with companies. Many 
companies have mainframes that are sitting idle "wasting" a lot of 
computing power. It might be worth our while to talk to MIS in different 
companies, selling the project on its possible future marketablity.
     Just one last thing, it'd be really nice if there was a form on one 
of the d.net pages which allowed people to fill in email addresses and 
have the system mail them a message or a web page which explained the 
project, the benefits, and where to find the client. Sort of like ICQ's 
technique. I look forward to hearing any responses.


"Expectation leads to manifestation"
                        -James Burns

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