[RC5] Win32 GUI Client Firewall Issues?

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Wed Nov 26 19:10:03 EST 1997

> I'm running the RC5 client at home on a four-machine Linux
> network with a dial-up connection to the 'net and masquerading.
> I've had no problems there, so I decided to start a client at
> work on my Win95 machine.

I have the same basic setup.  I've run the Win32 client without any
troubles at all (but usually stay in Linux).  I haven't had troubles
with any network protocols on either Linux or Win32.  However, I have
noticed that the masquerading doesn't always work too seamlessly when
you need to dial (ie, you're not connected at the moment you want to get
out).  I don't know if the first packet gets lost, or perhaps the DNS
query takes too long to respond (I'm also running named so it should be
caching).  Another mildly annoying thing is that my diald process dies
for unexplained reasons on occasion.  But like I said, "it works here".

> However, I can't seem to get the Win32 GUI client working.  The
> problem is apparently my network connection through our firewall.

Are you running a firewall in addition to masq, or are you referring to
masq as your firewall?

> authentication to get out of the firewall.  I do not use an
> http proxy from within Netscape or IE.

Just as a side note, there is a really cool HTTP proxy called "internet
junkbuster" that filters out specific URL patterns (you tell it what to
filter out, ie. ad.doubleclick.net).  I've found it to be absolutely
wonderful... give it a try.  http://internet.junkbuster.com.  Set it up
on your Linux/masq box and point all your browsers to it as a proxy.
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