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Paul Chvostek paul at it.ca
Thu Nov 27 00:04:48 EST 1997

Quoth an.gordon at netaccess.co.nz:
> > >On a side note, I've always imagined a class of problems that could
> > >be described like this: If you started to work on them now, by the
> > >time they were finished another machine would have been invented
> > >that could solve them before the older machine is done (ie, the
> > >sooner the better doesn't always work).
> > 
> > Wasn't there a sci-fi book where a "generation ship" is built to
> > reach another star system, is lost and forgotten, then is found
> > generations later by a ship using technology that makes the
> > hundred-year's trip in a few days?  Or was that an idea I had after
> > too much tequila in college? 
> There was a Babylon5 episode where an old sleeper ship that was built 
> to home in on radio signals homed in on Babylon5 transmissions.

But there was an invisible flesh eating alien aboard which had eaten
the husband of the only survivor on the ship, and the doctor fell in
love with her, but she had just lost her husband, and Garibaldi almost
got killed by it but Kosh intervened and the security team managed to
destroy the alient with enough blaster power.

This is on topic, isn't it?

Imagine getting the computer on the planet that Babylon 5 orbits
participating in the distributed.net project!  :-)

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