[RC5] I apologize (fwd)

Glen Mcbride Glen_Mcbride at BayNetworks.COM
Thu Nov 27 16:07:26 EST 1997

>As I posted earlier today, it is possible to artificially inflate your
>standing by resubmitting the same completed blocks in large numbers.
>In a short-sighted attempt to get attention, I have spammed about one
>million blocks in this fashion.  My intentions were entirely
>non-malicious.  I meant to demonstrate that there are intrinsic weaknesses
>in the system that, should it grow as anticipated, would be exploited in
>very malicious ways by all sorts of people.
>Again, I did not mean to cause any harm.
>However, I have been informed that this is not the case.  My flooding
>caused a number of proxy machines to crash.  Also, the stats will have to
>be manually rebuilt.  For this, I sincerely apologize.  It was not my
>intention at any time to cause any damage.  I cannot express this strongly
>This being said, I apologize to those whom I have caused harm:  David
>McNett, Jeff Lawson, Adam Beberg, and Daniel Baker, as well as the pproxy
>Additionally I apologize to the entire Bovine community.  I realize now
>that my stunt was very damaging, and I regret it.
>I hope my words will be taken as sincere.
>C. Joseph Fisk
>mdmbkr at chillin.org

Yes, well maybe an monetery apology to those who you affected (Proxy organisers) would be appropriate....

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