[RC5] Time to completion

Paul West paulw at premier1.net
Wed Nov 26 23:17:07 EST 1997

Paul Chvostek wrote:

> But there was an invisible flesh eating alien aboard
> which had eaten the husband of the only survivor on
> the ship, and the doctor fell in love with her, but
> she had just lost her husband, and Garibaldi almost
> got killed by it but Kosh intervened and the security
> team managed to destroy the alient with enough blaster
> power.
> This is on topic, isn't it?

Babylon 5 is on topic EVERYWHERE!  ;)
If only I could find it on the Tube, I havn't seen an episode
since WB dropped it and it supposivly moved to TNT.

> Imagine getting the computer on the planet that
> Babylon 5 orbits participating in the distributed.net 
> project!  :-)

Just get the Time Machine working, we'll go forward in time 1000 years
and find out what the key was for this and all other
projects, and turn them in now  ;)

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