[RC5] Win32 client & screensavers

Sami Halme shalme at cc.hut.fi
Thu Nov 27 12:20:58 EST 1997

>Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I just discovered that
>the Win32 client runs at lower priority than screensavers do. I changed
>my screensaver yesterday from my normal blank screen to something a
>little more interesting and my overnight keyrate plummeted...

That happens.. :-(  I remember seeing it mentioned somewhere, but it could
be as way back as DES...

On other subjects of screensavers, Could a client be made as screensaver. I
don't know anything about how to make them, but I think it could be

We have a classrooms full of Pentiums and PPros, but after being warned
twice not to run these clients on school's machines I've been thinking of
other kind of approach. Screensaver. No activity for few minutes - Bovine
screensaver client blanks the screen and starts cracking.... User
interrupts -> client disappears without a trace.. No 100% CPU usage, and the
user is happy, (and root, too)

Sami Halme
shalme at cc.hut.fi
Admin of Trinet Instruments, #1024

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