[RC5] IRC problems

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at kampsax.k-net.dk
Thu Nov 27 09:57:47 EST 1997

Den 27-Nov-97 05:44:40 skrev Tom Marshall følgende om "[RC5] IRC problems":

> network).  I have a Linux server setup with IP masquerading and gives me
> net access via a dialup ISDN connection.  I found a page that listed
> irc.lightning.net (among others) as EFNet servers.  When I try to
> connect, Zircon gives me a dialog that says something to the effect
> "sorry charlie, you cloned me".  Another server said I was "K-lined". 
> What's going on???

There could be four problems.

1) You don't have working reverse DNS (IN PTR) set up.
2) You are not running identd.
3) Your IP number has been banned.
4) The server thinks your  client is a bot.


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