[RC5] Key rate halfing on OS/2 client

Jeffrey Doolittle jdoolittle at ibm.net
Thu Nov 27 10:19:04 EST 1997

On 27 Nov 97 09:37:08 +0000, SCRUTE.UK.ORACLE.COM wrote:

>>>  I've discoverd that the keyrate on one of my OS/2 clients has halfed. It
>>>happened on 14th November around lunchtime and it hasn't got back up to 
>In repply Jeffrey Doolittle said.  
>>I would be curious as to how long the clients have been running.  I've 
>>got six computers running the OS/2 client without any problems, the 
>I've tried restarting the client several times, and restarting the PC. No 
>change. :-( 

I would suggest installating PM Patrol (a shareware package) which can
be obtained at BMT Micro (www.bmtmirco.com).  Invesigating the threads
running on your system and hopefully the offender be very obvious.  I
have used PMP many times before for such problems with great success,
just be aware that it doesn't handle dual-processor machine very well
under Warp Server SMP.

Jeffrey Doolittle
jdoolittle at ibm.net
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