[RC5] Win32 client & screensavers

Reid Conti conti at oz.net
Thu Nov 27 13:48:52 EST 1997

> On other subjects of screensavers, Could a client be made as screensaver. I
> don't know anything about how to make them, but I think it could be
> possible.
> We have a classrooms full of Pentiums and PPros, but after being warned
> twice not to run these clients on school's machines I've been thinking of
> other kind of approach. Screensaver. No activity for few minutes - Bovine
> screensaver client blanks the screen and starts cracking.... User
> interrupts -> client disappears without a trace.. No 100% CPU usage, and the
> user is happy, (and root, too)

This is a *killer* idea.  We've got a number of powerpc macs that I'd run
this on if it looked like a screensaver.  Only other problem might be
network access (thanks, undercover!)  But I imagine there are hundreds, if
not thousands of computers across the country that could be added to the
bovine effort if the key cracker could be run more.. secretively :)

- reid

Si l'homme est créé libre, il doit se gouverner;
Si l'homme a des tyrans, il les doit détrôner.
  - Voltaire, Epîtres

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