[RC5] Segmentation Fault with linux client!! (nohup.out!)

Keith Jones keith at streamdata.com
Thu Nov 27 15:08:22 EST 1997

Stephen Langasek wrote:

> > I can shutdown the linux client in my machine simply doing a tail nohup.out.
> > I run my client in the background with the following command:
> >
> > nohup ./rc564 &
> >
> > And then I can inspect the log in the file nohup.out. But every time I try a
> > tail nohup.out, then rc564 crash with a segmentation fault.
> >
> > A Linux kernel issue or rc564 client issue?
> >
> > Any comments really appreciated!
> I can't see how /any/ of this would cause a segfault, new kernel or no..
> have you tried running other programs with nohup and tailing, to see if
> they also die with a segfault under your current configuration?

Perhaps what's happening is that rc564 is segfault'ing almost right away.  After
you run a command (in this case, tail), the shell sees that it's dead and prints
the message telling you what happened.  Try any other command and my guess is
that you'll get the same message.

This doesn't fix your underlying problem which is rc564 crashing.

Keith W. Jones (keith at streamdata.com)

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