[RC5] Segmentation Fault with linux client!!

Fabio Coatti cova at felix.unife.it
Thu Nov 27 23:33:08 EST 1997

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Alfredo Sanjuan wrote:

> I'm getting this with the linux kernel 2.0.32 and with the latest mt client for
> Linux. The machine is a P200, perhaps this something to be with the F0 "erratum"
> bug?
> Please help, I can't run the client!!

I've installed 2.0.32 on a P133 and latest client works fine. When 2.0.32
encounters a F0 0F bug, it writes 

Illegal Instruction (core dumped) 

and nothing else, it continues without problems.
So I don't think that this can be your problem.

Hope this can help...  

Fabio Coatti

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