[RC5] I apologize (fwd)

Davek blitter at geocities.com
Thu Nov 27 01:07:14 EST 1997

On Nov 26, 10:43pm, Daniel Baker wrote:
> Subject: [RC5] I apologize (fwd)
> This didn't make it to the list because it was send to the
> list from an address that wasn't the exact one subscribed
> or something along those lines.
> Enjoy,
> In a short-sighted attempt to get attention, I have spammed about one
> million blocks in this fashion.  My intentions were entirely
> non-malicious.  I meant to demonstrate that there are intrinsic weaknesses
> in the system that, should it grow as anticipated, would be exploited in
> very malicious ways by all sorts of people.
> Again, I did not mean to cause any harm.
> However, I have been informed that this is not the case.  My flooding
> caused a number of proxy machines to crash.  Also, the stats will have to
> be manually rebuilt.  For this, I sincerely apologize.  It was not my
> intention at any time to cause any damage.  I cannot express this strongly
> enough.

 After reading this, I had taken this like someone in the '80s who thought they
would exploit a bug in sendmail and accidently took down most if the internet.

 But after reading the text in the team profile, it looks like someone who
actaully wanted to attack d.net and screwed up by leaving a trail

 Anyhow, I had been meaning to ask this question for some time concerning the
growth of d.net.

 Is d.net ready to handle the exponetial growth in the coming years? The stats
server goes down every few hours to update the SQL DB's. Proxy servers crash
when, in this case a major stress test. RC5-56 had been finished much sooner
than expected, the growth was much faster than expected.

 With the new V3 clients, even users that could care less about encryption will
now be joining and giving there cpu cycles.

 If CNN decided to run a story on d.net and suddenly 5000-20000 new eager users
decided to run the client would d.net choke?

 Even if this block flood had been malaciuos, it still may have been a good
stress test for d.net. d.net seems to be growing pretty damn fast and we are
supposedly just a bunch of programmers trying to crack some encryption, in the
eyes of the rest of the internet.

 Cnet/TV ran a little blurb about a month ago on Emulating old Arcade games on
the PC. They showed a link to a site on wwww.xs4all.nl. The adminstrators shut
down access to the site, thinking they where being attacked in a DOS attack.
Here is an url explaining what happened.

 Would d.net be ready to handle a real life explosion like this or the block

 Also, when d.net started, did they think thay would have this kind of
enthusiasm they have so far? :-)

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