[RC5] Win32: feature creep

Matthew L Bennett lord_buttmonkey at juno.com
Tue Nov 25 04:31:58 EST 1997

>Because then I've effectively sealed myself into a closed room with no
>doors and no windows (and no pun intended).  Call it "man in the iron
>syndrome".  Sure, I could drop windows, convert to linux, and run 
>Applixware or staroffice or a similar package.  But I couldn't work
>with anyone else in my office.

That always sucks.

>"Here, Bob, take a look at this memo I'm about to send to the office.
>Now, remember, it's a TeX document so you can't just load it into word
>like you usually do.  Here, let me help you install ghostscript on 
>machine so I can send you a raw output file.

::bob's head explodes.::

>No, no, like I told you
>before, when I send you a file for ghostscript you can't edit it.  
>email me with your comments and tell me what page of the document
>you're talking about.  And don't forget to turn off MIME on your 
> You forgot last time and my unix mailer tried to run metamail on your
>email.  Oh, by the way, can I borrow your machine while you're at 
>today?  I need to request a PO for the new servers and remember how I
>was telling you that since the PO System was written in Microsoft
>Access that I couldn't access it on my desk?  Thanks, Bob!  One of
>these days I've got to get you to switch to Unix.  It's so much better
>and more efficient!"

"Too bad everyone else would kill themselves with it."
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