[RC5] Win32: feature creep

Matthew L Bennett lord_buttmonkey at juno.com
Mon Nov 24 17:23:46 EST 1997

>and PC's aren't the only platform available... platform not just 
>OS, but also hardware as well.

Yeah, that too.

>linux and its kin aren't for everyone, people that say everyone should 
>Penix ( or whatever)


>are just as closed minded as the people that say 

It doesn't *rule*, but what's wrong with saying that it does?  Saying
"Linux is stupid, and people who run it are morons" is a different story.

>For many people, all they need is a windows box.  Others want 
>they want source for the OS, they want to write their own features, 
>and for 
>them the free OS's are just peachy.

Well, I'm learning C++, and C isn't far behind... Maybe I could get a
Linux machine up with that knowledge.  But once again, that's just my
Opinion, I could be wrong.

>i get just as irritated with the places that say best viewed with 
>whatever happened to standards, or are we going off of MS's definition 
>standard? :-P

I hope not.

>I firmly believe that a web page should be easily 
>with Netscape/MSIE/Lynx/Arena/whatever-you-choose-to-use...


>What is StarOffice 3.1 for Linux?
>Star Office 3.1 is a suite of office productivity applications 
>StarWriter 3.1 (word processor), StarCalc 3.1 (spreadsheet), StarDraw 
>(graphics and presentation package), StarImage 3.1 (image 
>StarChart 3.1 (bar, pie and other charts) and StarMath 3.1 (formula
>design). StarOffice 3.1 makes heavy use of common code in shared 
>therefore using relatively few resources for the level of 

Not too shabby.


> "Look for clues inside the baby's head, hear the words yet to be 
>  cue the music fade to black, no such thing as no payback"    - PWEI

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